lundi, décembre 30, 2013


2013 has to be the year of travel for me: i had been to the US of A four times: trice for work and once for holiday. in addition to that i also went to korea (4-day stopover back from hawaii), and also to new zealand.

little wonder, that i received my krisflyer elite gold membership! =)

other than that, life has been ok. not much major successes at work but not much setbacks either, i guess. seems like i will have to wait till 2014 for any change in my work environment and taskings. in any case, it does look like the end is getting closer and i am giving change a more serious thought.

sports-wise, i did some decent runs, particularly for the sundown marathon (did 1:45hrs for 25km), and AHM (1:30hrs). also cycled the entire ironman kona bike leg with only one bike training the week before to boot! haha.

time flies when you are having fun. see you in 2014!

jeudi, mars 28, 2013

the beginning of the end?

in an age of facebook, instagram, twitter and a gazillion other social-sharing platforms, i fear the end is near for la merde en direct.

with it possible for me now to insta-beam my thoughts and feelings to all my facebook friends (and get instant feedback to boot), i no longer find the need to constantly jot down my thoughts and blog only about them later on. in any case, i also find that there is no longer any need for me to write lengthy blogposts when people hardly have the patience to read more than 160 characters nowadays.

this is, as they say, the beginning of the end.

with increasingly heavier work schedules and other means of accessing the internet, my time at the iMac has decreased drastically. hence the reduced updates and articles.

unless there are no major happenings or updates, i should not be posting here anymore.. so long blogspot, and thanks for all the fish! =)

mercredi, mars 06, 2013


on a related note, i wonder why has a magneto-themed fridge magnet not yet been released??

dimanche, février 24, 2013

5 room is better than EM

working in the army, i am also the housekeeper by default at home.

every week, i will do some area cleaning after running on saturdays - the chores are part of my extended workout. i do not do much, just simple sweeping and mopping of the floor and other miscellaneous items.

but even then, those two things alone can already add up to be quite a bitch. only after you have mopped the floor using just a cloth and your bare hands, can you appreciate the largeness of your apartment.

these are times when i appreciate my relative poverty at not being able to afford a EM. imagine mopping the stairs! well done with level 1 - now go on to level 2; how do you even clean the ceiling?

 sometimes, less is better than more. =)

samedi, février 09, 2013

gong hei fatt choy!!!

gong hei fatt choy!!! not quite into the new year yet, but its already turning out to be quite an expensive year - this year is the first year that we are handing out angpows, and those little buggers don't come cheap.

give too little, and you are labelled a miser.
give too much, and you have to survive on bread and water for the rest of the month.

just like at weddings, angpow giving is indeed an art!


here's to an advance happy year of the snake!!! this year, we should embody the spirit of the zodiac animal of the year and eat more snake, draw snake add leg (please, the dragon is so passé already), or sell snake oil. Huat ah!!! =D

lundi, janvier 21, 2013

compare and contrast

drink driving + killing a pedestrian + injuring 2 others = S$9,500 fine and banned from driving for three years.

wanting to own a car for transportation to work + fetch kids to school + ferry wife and aged parents around = S$92,100 fine.

uniquely singapore indeed.

mardi, janvier 01, 2013

happy new year

pull your ear!